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- Presentation
The University of Djelfa includes in its two locations (the old university and the university pole with 8000 pedagogical seats) 07 faculties and one institute, as its structures guarantee training in 12 training fields according to the faculties as follows:
- Faculty of Science and Technology: it includes training in science and technology disciplines;
- Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences: it includes training in the field of natural and life sciences and in the field of earth and universe sciences;
- Faculty of Exact Sciences and Computer Information: It includes training in the field of mathematics, computer information, and the field of material sciences;
- Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences: the training includes the field of humanities and social sciences;
- Faculty of Law and Political Sciences: it includes training in the field of law and political sciences;
- Faculty of Economic, Commercial and Management Sciences: it includes training in the field of economic, commercial and management sciences;
- Faculty of Arts, Languages, and Arts: It includes training in the field of Arabic language and literature, the field of foreign languages, and the field of arts;
- Institute of Science and Technology of Physical and Sports Activities: It ensures training in the field of science and technology of physical and sports activities.
Accordingly, the University of Djelfa, in its various faculties and institutes, included training during the academic season 2022/2023 in 64 specializations in the bachelor’s stage, and 85 majors in the master’s stage, as shown in the table.

- The number of students for the academic season 2022/2023:

During the current academic season, 27,335 students enrolled in the university were counted, as the number was according to faculties and according to fields of training as follows:
- Regarding the number of students graduating from the batches of 2023, 2024 and 2025
- For specializations that open prospects for employment at the state level:
The University of Djelfa has always been proactive in opening specializations that are suitable for the region and the labor market, as there is a serious look since the establishment of the university to enhance training and scientific research in all disciplines required in the labor market in the region and even the specializations that the university administration saw as one of the future professions in the region. Therefore, the University of Djelfa focuses on A lot of specializations that fall into sectors:
Agriculture (such as nutritional sciences and plant biology);
- Energy (such as renewable energies in their various specializations);
-    artificial intelligence;
- Engineering sciences (in electrotechnical and other technological disciplines).
The university is also working to open new majors during each university season to keep pace with recent developments and contribute to the employment of graduate students. 
- Statistics on the number of training courses by faculty, field, sector, specialty 2022 2023 




pdf ico List of open specializations at the University of Djelfa for the bachelor's and master's degrees for the academic season 2022-2023